Deaf Games Jan 2018 Albury Wodonga

11 December 2017

The Australian Deaf Games 2018 open on Saturday 20th January and is attracting around 1000 participants across Australia, the Pacific and beyond!

Free Shuttle Bus

The Games Organising Committee has organised a free shuttle bus service for people who are planning on flying to/from Albury for the 2018 Australian Deaf Games. For those flying to Albury on Friday 19th January 2018 or Saturday 20th January 2018, the shuttle service will meet key flight times. These can be located on the Australia Deaf Games website or this link

Free Official Australia Deaf Games App

During this event, you can use the official Open Access App for the Australian Deaf Games.

Instructions for Official Open Access App for the Australia Deaf Games 

1. Download then OpenAccess Face to Face icon (not available with Android)

2. OpenAccess Face to Face sample image

3. OpenAccess Face to Face sample image

4. OpenAccess Face to Face Step by Step Guide

5. OpenAccess Face to Face website link

6. Download then OpenAccess Chat icon (not available with Android)

7. OpenAccess Chat image

8. OpenAccess Chat Step by Step guide

9. OpenAccess Chat website link

Find out more about the app here:

FREE Community Training Sessions are now booked out

Have been organised by vicdeaf to provide information about deaf and hard of hearing people. If beyond the deaf games you or other  adult community members are interested to learn about deaf culture and how to better communicate with Deaf people. feel free to email Topics covered in these sessions include: Basic Auslan (Australian Sign Language), Who are the Deaf community, What is Deaf culture, Correct terminology and Dos and Don’ts, Communication strategies for Deaf and hard of hearing people, Technology and devices to assist communicating with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and What are the Australian Deaf Games.

For further information on Auslan Training options, please contact VicDeaf Auslan Programs department on: 0394731186 or