About Us

Find out more about Albury Airport's management, history and brand.


Albury Airport is your convenient gateway, keeping you connected to the rest of Australia and the world. Our regional airport is making Albury Wodonga, the Murray River and Northeast Victoria accessible and connected.

The airport services commercial flights plus plane and helicopter charter flights that give you and your group complete flexibility and connection to the region.

Ownership & Management

AlburyCity owns and operates Albury Airport, and are investing in the asset to ensure it remains a key gateway.

Albury Airport assists the region in the facilitation of economic growth, job creation, investment, and resident and visitor attraction. Albury Airport plays a vital role in providing safe and reliable air services for Albury Wodonga, the Murray River and Northeast Victoria to make the region accessible and connected.


To connect our people and businesses to the world and to amplify the growth and prosperity of the region.


We embrace ‘blue sky thinking’ to keep Albury flying and ensure our communities are always connected. Through building valuable relationships with our airline partners, local businesses and the community we will enhance our role as a leader in the region.

  • Working together - We respect, listen to and value the contributions of others and celebrate achievements.
  • Integrity - We are trustworthy, honest, accountable, open and consistent in all that we do.
  • Courage and Passion - We are enthusiastic and have the confidence to speak up for the betterment.
  • Innovation - We seek to increase our knowledge through new ideas and continuous improvement.
  • Loyalty - We are supportive of others and committed to the community.
  • Tenacious Leaders - We are forward-thinking and strategic thinkers, committed to realising the potential of our region as a thriving, connected and sophisticated regional city.
  • Opportunity Seekers - We are intrepid and motivated to succeed. By taking charge of our future, we are never complacent in looking for new prospects, partnerships and ways to push the boundaries.
  • Intelligently Connected - We are actively engaged with our communities, our partners and the world. We value teamwork and are collegiate in capturing and sharing our knowledge and understanding of our passengers for the mutual benefit of our key stakeholders. (We always see both sides).
  • Accountable – We are dependable, conscientious and always take responsibility for our part in getting planes flying. This is how we build trust with our partners, passengers and our local communities.
  • Service Oriented - – We are always friendly, welcoming and accommodating. We are proud of our region and this comes across in how we deliver quality experiences with a truly unique and personal local touch.

Albury Airport Connects Businesses

Albury Airport continues to service corporate passenger needs by providing facilities such as an on-site meeting room for hire, free wi-fi, affordable carparking and live flight arrival and departure times.

Albury Airport is a key stakeholder in ensuring the economic growth and success of the region including implementing a 15 year Master Plan to prepare and plan for growth and changes to the area.

In 2018 Albury Airport rolled out a $5.7 million infrastructure upgrade to enhance the customer experience. This was jointly funded from the Restart NSW Fund ($3.3M) and by Council ($2.4M). The infrastructure upgrade alleviated passenger congestion during peak periods, elevated the interior spaces of Albury Airport to world class standards and will allow Albury Airport to accommodate future traffic from projected increases in visitors to the region.

This project follows the completion of a multi-million dollar infrastructure upgrade to enhance the customer experience. This upgrade was a result of partnering with Clarke Keller Architects and Southern Cross Developers.

Albury Airport Walkthrough

Customer Service Charter

Serving our customers is at the core of what we do and who we are. We want to build on the quality of the experience we deliver and become a leader in customer service.

Read more about our commitment to customer service.