View baggage allowances, learn about dangerous goods or find out what happens when your baggage is left unattended.

Baggage allowances vary depending on the ticket that you purchased from your airline, and can also apply to baggage quantity, size, type and weight. Please check the terms and conditions of your booking. Carry-on bags should weigh less than 7kg and may be weighed at check-in desks and boarding gates. Many airlines operate small aircraft from Albury Airport so you may find that larger carry-on luggage will have to be stowed and overall weight restrictions may be lower than what you are used to. Please check with your airline for further information.

Please ensure that all baggage has your name and home address on the inside of your luggage tag and your name and destination displayed on the outside. Airlines provide luggage tags for this purpose at the check-in counters.

Over-sized baggage will appear on the carousel in the Arrivals part of Albury Airport terminal. Very large pieces will be brought to the terminal by a staff member.

Pets that are travelling with you can be dropped off and collected from the western end of the Albury Airport terminal building, adjacent to the staff carpark. If you are travelling with pets you should arrive to check-in 90 minutes before your flight.

All questions in relation to baggage should be directed to the airline check-in desk.

Prohibited Items for Hand Luggage

There are a large number of items that you cannot take on-board an aircraft in your hand luggage. These must be surrendered at the passenger screening point. Due to the number of items passing through security, it is not possible to list them all, so these include, but are not limited to:

  • Blunt objects capable of bludgeoning or threatening to bludgeon a person (cricket bat, snooker cue, fishing rods longer than 48cm (either collapsed or in their entirety)
  • Sharp items (knife, scissors, waiters friend, screwdriver, sewing kits)
  • Dangerous goods (aerosols with no lid, fireworks, flammable items, poisons)
  • Items capable of restraining a person (fishing line, cable ties, tape, rope, oki straps)
  • Weapons (firearms, explosives)
  • Irons
  • Tools

Security screening officers and the airline are responsible for ensuring security standards are met and have the final say about what items are permitted. Check with your airline before you travel as they may have additional restrictions.

Albury Airport receives large amounts of surrendered items that have failed to pass the security screening on a daily basis. These items cannot be returned. To avoid having them confiscated, pack them in your checked-in baggage or leave them at home.


Passengers are permitted to pack a maximum of 5 litres of unopened alcohol in their check-in baggage or carried on-board the flight.

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