Keeping travellers, visitors and our airport community safe is our top priority. Our security measures comply with aviation screening procedures to keep air travel secure.

For our security screening partner SNP, the health and safety of our customers and team is and always will be our top priority. Please remember to stay home if you are unwell.

Regulated security screening measures remain unchanged and security officers are cleaning the trays after every use and maintain distancing where possible to keep any necessary contact time to a minimum. We thank you for helping during these times. You can read more information on COVID safe protocols for each stage of the journey on our Covid Safe Air Travel page

Enhanced screening point

Passengers will now be screened with the new enhanced equipment. Our friendly Screening Officers will be on hand to guide you through this process in addition please see the video below to familiarise yourself with this new process

Passenger security screening

All persons eligible for security screening are subject to aviation screening procedures at Albury Airport. All visitors who choose to go through security screening to farewell your family, friends and colleagues are also subject to screening.

Albury Airport uses walk-through metal detectors, x-ray machines and explosive trace detection (ETD) equipment to detect items specified in the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005.

Our screening officers' endeavour to treat all passengers with dignity and respect during these processes. For information on transporting specific devices and items on aircraft, contact your individual airline carrier. To check if you can pack an item, you access the CASA dangerous goods webpage

You can access the app from the locations below.

Checked-in baggage is also subject to security screening. Albury Airport uses a number of methods, including s-ray examination, physical search and testing for chemical residues using explosive trace detection equipment.

Getting Through Security Quickly

By following these simple tips, passing through security can be made even easier:

  • Take laptops, tablets and any large electrical items out of bags and place on a tray.
  • If wearing a bulky over garment (coat, parka or bulky jacket) please remove and place on the x-ray observation equipment conveyor belt.
  • Put small personal effects into your hand baggage if you have it; this will save time at the screening point and minimise the chance of leaving anything behind.
  • Trays are provided for larger items such as handbags, shoes and laptops.
  • Some shoes contain metal and may need screening (e.g. steel cap boots).

Information for Passengers with Special Assistance

The comfort of our customers is very important to us. We are continuously reviewing our processes and procedures to ensure travellers with special needs can pass through the airport with the minimum amount of hassle and fuss.

The screening point is equipped with seats and our screening staff will assist and make provision for people with mobility issues. Items such as prams, wheelchairs will need to be screened separately. Security personnel will guide passengers and visitors on this separate screening process.

Medical Implants & Artificial Limbs/Prostheses

Please advise the screening officer and request separate screening to avoid passing through any machines that may affect pacemakers, cochlear implants or other devices.

Walking Aids

Walking aids must be screened and as such may require x-ray or explosive trace detection. Screening points have chairs and walking aids available during this process.

Travelling with Children

Prams and strollers will be screened and allowed entry past the security screening point. Infants and toddlers should be removed from the pram/stroller for the search. Where possible, check with your airline regarding their own rules for carriage of prams or strollers on board the aircraft.

For more information on what you can take through domestic security screening plus travelling with children please visit the TravelSECURE.


Jokes & Comments

Any inappropriate comments or actions regarding the carriage of weapons or explosive devices will be taken seriously and will be reported to the Australian Federal Police in the first instance. Prosecution or the refusal of carriage may result.

Reporting Suspicious Behaviour

If you see notice any suspicious behaviour or suspicious luggage unattended please report directly to the Australian Federal Police by calling 131 237.

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